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  • What Is press wood pallets ?


    Press Wood Pallets


    (1)    Water proof,moisture proof. low moisture content (6%-8%).

    (2)    High dimensional accuracy, light weight and not easy to deform .

    (3)    No nail/screw, more safer for goods and handling staff both .

    (4)    High load capacity , stronger than the wooden pallet .

    (5)    50% lighter than hardwoods pallet .

    (6)    The round corner design prevents breakage from packaging and transportation.

    (7)    Space saving and cost saving. Can be nested and stacked together, saving storage space ratio of
             4:1 compared with wooden pallet .

    (8)    Fumigation free, quarantine-free .

    (9)    Pest control, termite prevention, anti-corrosion, non-flammable .

    (10) 100% recyclable, Eco-resin, very low formaldenhyde content .

    (11)  More economical than traditional wooden pallet .

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      New environmental protection

      Waste utilization, improve wood utilization

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      Fumigation and quarantine-free

      In line with the international ISPM15 requirements

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      Cut costs

      Can save a lot of transportation, storage and packaging costs for enterprises

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    1.ready for export in accordance with ISPM15
    2. Cost effective
    3. Space Saving
    4. Waterproof fireproof and low temp resistant
    5. Four-way entry for forklift
    6. Static load capacity : 5T and dynamic load
       capacity : 2.5T

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      Cost Effective

      Compared with the traditional fumigation tray, it saves one-half of the cost. It can be reused, fumigation-free and non-steaming, convenient and fast.

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      Safe And Convenient

      Nail-free assembly, one-time compression molding, square size without deviation, edge polishing treatment makes the surface smoother without burrs, and does not damage the goods; the four-way fork meets the needs of a variety of handling equipment and is convenient to use.

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      Save Space

      Nested stacking 50 pallets are only 1.6 meters high Standardized size is beautiful and easy to stack

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      Wide Range Of Uses

      The size can be customized to meet the requirements of material flow and use in various occasions such as production and storage, logistics import and export trade, etc.

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      Light And Heavy

      The dynamic load can reach 3000kg, the static load can reach 5000kg,and its weight is only 17kg. The weight is only half of the pallet with the same load. The weight limit of the container can increase the export volume of a single container.

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      Environmental Regeneration

      Natural materials, tree branches and trunks can be used to improve and the recovery rate can be Up to 100%

  • Why can molded palletsprotect the product ?

    1 The hardness is twice that of ordinary pallets.

    2 Pressure resistance, no deformation, no breakage, and collision resistance.

    3 Solve the problem that plastic and corrugated boxes cannot be transported one way.

    4 More stable.

    5 Reduce the vibration transmission and reduce the pressure of transporting packaged products

    6 It helps to resist load transfer during transportation.

    7 It has the potential to reduce the risk of volatile, split and collapsed mainpackaging materials.


    Why are molded pallets exported to Europe and the United States without inspection ?

    IPPC-ISPM 15 export compliance, no need for expensive heat treatment.

    In the manufacturing process, through continuous high t emperature heat pressing at 130 degrees Celsius to achieve the effect of sterilization, disinfection and pest resistance.

    Clean, free of Listeria and other pollutants.

    Allow four directions to enter the fork, and provide an overload rate from light to heavy.

    Compared with traditional pallets, the comprehensive resistance is improved by 52%.

    33% lighter than similar ordinary pallets.

    Lower cost than traditional wooden pallets.

  • What are the comparisons of presswood pallet and wooden pallet ?

    Presswood pallet VS wooden pallet

    Pallet is a horizontal plate for the assembly, stockpiling of goods for loading and transporting. And pallets are widely used in the fields of production, transportation, warehousing and logistics industry.

    In the modern logistics industry, pallet can achieve the packaging of the unit, standardization and normalization, to facilitate commodity circulation. Pallet can effectively protect items, reduce good wear, and save packaging materials.

    Hence, it will reduce packaging costs and saving transportation costs. Pallets can promote the modernization, mechanization of modern warehousing and logistics, to speed up loading and unloading, and transport, and to reduce the labor intensity.

    While most pallets are wooden, pallets can also be made of plastic, metal, paper, and recycled materials. Each material has advantages and disadvantages relative to the others. The following will give the comparison of presswood pallet and wooden pallet.

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      Free of fumigation


      Fumigation required

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      Space saving

      Same size of presswood pallets is nestable. And, they can be easily separated from a stack with a fork lift truck. Nesting pallets reduces storage space by up to 66% than conventional wooden pallets.

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      Excellent design

      Round edges design of presswood pallet is suitable for cargo safety, and perfect reinforcing rib to enhance loading ability. Accurate size with one time pressed, no bending.

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      Presswood pallet is one-piece design. There are no nails or staples to reduce product and package damage. And eliminating burrs help reduce employee and customer injuries.

      On the contrary, nails and burrs of wooden pallet will hurt the goods and the workers. And warping and shrinking maybe occur all the time.

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      Environmentally friendly

      Presswood pallets are a resource-friendly, wood-based recycling product, made from recycled waste wood from saw mills and industry. In contrast, raw materials of wooden pallet are almost logs, which are the non-renewable resources.

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      Quality assurance

      Low 6-8% moisture content of presswood pallet reduces risk of product damage. And resin bonded construction provides high water resistance. The other, wooden pallet is very difficult to clean and if they become wet can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungus.

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